Are we moving, yet?

Sunday, 26 June.  The first part of the day was basically relaxing in watching the world go by.  I was really tired having gotten very little rest overnight.  The train continued its merry way and pulled into Chicago’s Union Station only two hours late.  I found my way to the first-class lounge hitching a ride with one of the people carriers.  This was a good thing as the launch and information on my connecting train were quite a bit from where I got off of the train.

I kicked back for an hour and a half until I get yet another ride out to my train.  My room was approximately the same size, 4 x 8, but did not include a tiny bathroom.  The train left exactly on time and was on time almost all the way to the Mississippi River area at this point things took a turn for the worse.  We were running into a line of thunderstorms, several lines actually, and a train slowed down and in many cases that afternoon and especially during the night stopped and watched the world go by.

While I was in taking a shower and announcement was made that we were under a tornado warning.  Maybe it’s a good thing it was in the shower and didn’t know about it.  Any case allowed there was no problems other than the fact that we sat for a long period of time putting us well behind schedule.

I also realize that for somebody with my medical problem of getting up often during the night trains may not be for me.  It seemed like half the time when I got out the train was not moving.  We did run through several lines of thunderstorms there was considerable flooding in Iowa especially western Iowa in eastern Nebraska which slowed down the train.


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