Trains aren’t us

Saturday, 25 June!  The trip is on!  Off to the train station.  I haven’t ever taken a 3-day train trip!  Up early to finish packing and get everything in order.  I did manage to get finally packed and ready to go by around three o’clock.

Craig Cantello showed up about 4:30 to collect me and take me to the train station.  Between Craig and Jody I was able to get rid of almost everything in my fridge.  I then turned it off and left the doors open.

Craig knowing that I drove little faster than he does gave me the keys and I drove out to the train station.  We got there well before six tickets, and pick up my tickets with no problem.  Craig kept me company as I waited until the train arrived and I was able to board.  The adventure was on.

When I got off the elevator and asked the Porter what car I was to be in, he turned and pointed to the car directly in front of me.  A good start.  I would show it to my room and I used the term loosely.  The room was approximately 4 x 8 feet.  It did include a toilet and sink that made the airlines bathrooms look huge.

Since it was about 7:30, I headed directly for the dining car.  This was a good move as a filled up and people were waiting in line.  I had some good company as a shout down on broiled chicken or fried chicken.  Any case while it was tasty it was also a little bit dry and not very warm.  However the desert cheesecake brûlée was excellent.

To return to my cubby hole to find the bed turned it down.  I read for a while before calling it a night.

The rocking and rolling and noise notwithstanding I was on occasion to fall asleep.  However, in the long run I actually got very little rest.


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