T – Day!

Trying to finish everything up.  More or less packed.  I’ll be picked up in 3 hours or so.

A shower, dress for the 1st day of the trip, try and chill out.  Excited.

Train is supposed to depart about 7 PM.

I don’t know if it will hold, but the weather has improved with glimpses of sun!

Waiting in the sun is better than waiting whilst it rains!  🙂

All aboard!


2 Responses to “T – Day!”

  1. Sue Bursztynski Says:

    Wombat, hi! I didn’t know you had a blog. I discovered it quite by accident while looking up stuff about the Hobbit cast. What do you think of the actual cast as opposed to your ideas? Richard Armitage as Thorin? I would have imagined him more as Bard, but looks in general like a yummy bunch of Dwarves and having seen Martin Freeman in the Hitchers’ movie I think he’ll be a fine Bilbo – there’s something very Bilboish about Arthur Dent, dragged off kicking and screaming out of his comfort zone, although unlike Bilbo Arthur never really grows into a hero.

    Enjoy your trip and stay in touch.


  2. CC Says:

    Wombat boarded the train successfully and began this new adventure. Heard from him this afternoon that his cabin is powerless and that updates to the blog are forthcoming when electricity, WiFi, and the train start again.

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