We are not amused!

I made a 1 PM appointment at Otto Cadillac here in Albany for this afternoon.  I need to get my NYS Safety Inspection.

I showed up at 1255.  My car was finally moved for the safety inspection after 2 PM.  They tried to make nice by not charging me for the wipers I needed to pass the inspection.  I would have rather paid for them if I could have been out of there by 1:30.  I finally left about 2:35 or so.

I don’t think very much of their service.  I’ve had shorter waits in doctor’s offices.


2 Responses to “We are not amused!”

  1. Trevor Hilton Says:

    Hour and a half for a 20 minute inspection!? That’s crazy!

    Oklahoma used to have yearly inspections. But, it was more of a way to make money than for safe vehicles. In rual areas, where I grew up, if the car could roll in under it’s own power, they would just put the sticker on. In urban areas, a more thorough inspection was done, but mechanics didn’t like to do it because they would make $5 for 20 minutes work. They would make a LOT more fixing a car in that same time.

    Like other Government programs, it’s a rip-off all around.

    • The Wombat Says:

      The inspection in an of itself is not a bad thing.

      I obviously can’t prove it, but I felt as if the dealership was saying, well we don’t make any money off inspections, so we’ll take the paying customers first.

      Had I just drove in and asked for the inspection, it would have been another story. However, I had made an appointment. The inspection takes about 20 minutes.

      Yes, I did need new wipers.

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