Yaminon vs. Bytelock

Life can be interesting.  Years ago I suggested the word “Bytelock” to indicate the internet being blocked or backed up.  It never did seem to catch on.

My interest in wombats led me to nickname the Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat as “Yaminon.”  Yaminon is an Aboriginal name for wombats.  I ran across it in “The Secret Life of Wombats,” written by James Woodford.  This is an excellent book.

So I began the Yaminon Defense Fund, www.yaminon.org , to raise some money to help save/restore the Yaminon, which is the 6th most endangered mammal on the planet.  When I was in Oz in ’07 I donated A$1000 to the chap who runs the research station at Epping Forest National Park in Queensland.  I helped put up some of that chain link fence.

Googling the “yaminon” I note that not only Wikipedia uses the term, but so does a number of Australian animal sites.

Bytelock may not make it into the diction, but Yaminon, meaning the Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat, looks as if it will.

Such is life.


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