War? What war?

I keep hearing about a war that is supposed to be going on.  Isn’t there supposed to be some sort of sacrifice by the civilian component of the population if there is a war on?

To date I have neither seen nor heard of any calls for sacrifices by the civilian population.

Since there has been no sacrifices imposed upon the civilian population, I guess, there is no real war going on.


One Response to “War? What war?”

  1. Trevor Hilton Says:

    In WW2 the country was firmly united behind the war effort, and were willing to make sacrifices. Hollywood celebrities were also firmly behind it and those that could joined the war, like Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, Gene Autry, and Lee Marvin.
    Those that couldn’t supported the war and gave publicity to it, like John Wayne, et.al.

    Now, people would complain that they can’t buy steak when they want, or buy gas to drive to the anti-war protest, and Hollyweird celebrities make anti-war movies like Matt Damon in GreenZone, James Cameron with Avatar, etc.

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