A Quiet Day on the 101!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010.  I get a fair nights sleep awaking to find the area under more June gloom even though it is already July.  After some hassle in a phone call customer service I gave up on trying to get a valid and useful Internet connection from the Marina Motel 6.  After getting my money back I the headed north to Ukiah.  I’m the planning on doing a lot of driving on any one day.

I connected with the 101 and headed north traffic is not too bad.  The skies cleared and it was a beautiful day to drive.  In San Jose I can exit up with the 880 and headed up the side of the bay.  Traffic was fairly heavy but moved along smoothly.  I crossed the north end of the bay and picked up the 101 again.  It was a very pretty drive except for the occasional traffic jam when there was an accident but all in all it was an enjoyable drive.

I found the Motel 6 in Ukiah and actually got a room with a solid Internet connection.  This allowed me to do some catch up on e-mail and other stuff.  The chap at the front desk styles himself to be a computer geek and was very helpful in picking out a room with a good signal for my computer.

Going along with his recommendation I went to a quite pleasant restaurant and had a quite decent steak.  I got back and puttered on the computer for while.


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