What is the economic impact?

Illegality drives up the cost of the illegal substance.  —  What would the actual cost, with a 6% markup to provide a  suitableprofit, of the more common “illegal” substance such as MJ, cocaine, & heroine?  — Please note, I’m NOT saying they should be legal, just what would the comparative prices be?

Now how would this effect the crime lords?  If an addict, one would have to register, of course, could buy his or her drug of choice from a legal source at realistic prices, what would happen to the economies of drug producing countries.  [Of course, California would now run a surplus as the value of MJ grown in the state is in the billions of dollars.

It would be interesting to see an economic evaluation of this.  maybe money is being allocated in the wrong areas.


2 Responses to “What is the economic impact?”

  1. Trevor Hilton Says:

    “Make it legal and it can be controled and taxed.”

    I think one is opening Pandora’s Box, there. That arguement can be stretched to cover so many things.
    Also, as a Christian, I look to God for guidance, and He doesn’t excuse things just because we’re going to do them anyway. He says it’s wrong, we shouldn’t do it, period.

  2. The Wombat Says:

    Well, I think, it is one that should be opened. Saying something is wrong is one thing. Getting the other 99% of the world to obey is something else.

    The availability of alcohol has not turned me into an alcoholic. The availability of drugs won’t turn me into an addict.

    The money can go to Mexico or it can go into building schools. You choose.

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