Murder in 3 Acts

A while back there was a TV movie, “Murder in 3 Acts” shown on ABC in Oz.  It concerned the murders committed by Snowy Rowles around 1930.  The disposal of the bodies was accomplished by the method discussed by Arthur Upfield & mates over coffee.  Upfield has just sold his first BONY novel and was looking for a plot device for his 2nd.  The main thing was to dispose of the body completely and, hence, pose a nasty problem for BONY.

Rowles was there with them.  However, he was careless and was caught & hanged.  Upfield’s book came out & was serialixed during the trial.

If you can obtain the film, it is a good view.


2 Responses to “Murder in 3 Acts”

  1. judith harris Says:

    I have an autograph and message by Arthur Upfield and which was given to my father in outback NSW by Arthur Upfield himself. Is anyone interested?

  2. The Wombat Says:

    G’day judith,

    You did not say if there is a price attached.

    As a fan of Upfield fo rover 20 years, who also produced a fanzine on him, I would love to have it.

    Thank you for contacting me.

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