Roosevelt HS & food.

Monday, 15 June 2009.  It was a cool morning under typical June Gloom.  I goofed off for while instead of doing my diary and then headed out for a delightful lunch. 

I first got some gas as I was running on fumes and then drop by the almost adjacent AAA office.  I was able to get most of the maps I wanted but it was slightly frustrating. 

The drive over to the Simi Deli was shorter than I expected.  Not too much traffic up here.  Here being Simi Valley.  Sitting out front waiting for the horde to arrive was Mary Satlin.  She lives up to here and suggested the deli as a place to be.  It was an excellent suggestion as the food proved to be quite good and the service excellence.  Having arrived early Mary and I chatted until the rest arrived.  We were joined by a Harry and Laura Turtledove, Mary and Steve Montgomery, though I know Mary from the years and years ago as Mobi.  In fact it is probably been about 30 years since I last saw Mobi.  Lin Daniel and, though a little bit late, Todd McCaffrey.  After about two hours we finally called it a lunch and headed out. 

I gave Lin my laptop so she could attempt to fix a couple of the problems I was having with it. 

Two plus hours later I picked her and my laptop on and we headed over to Sherman Oaks for dinner.  I just happened to be in the area for the monthly meeting of the Chicago area high school graduates, mainly from Roosevelt high school.  Also joining us with Laura Freas.  Meals are a great way to meet up with friends while you’re on the road. 

It was finally time to call it a night and tomorrow I would see if the computer sort of worked.  I me have to use them but I don’t have to like them.


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