Redwoods & a deserted Hobbiton

Saturday, 20 June 2009.  I awoke to another fine day.  It was sunny and comfortable.  I decided I would catch breakfast up the road.  I did my shoulder exercises, packed the car and headed north.  Drive was quite pleasant with light traffic.  The scenery was quite nice and the road wound between and through fields. 

Just south of Phillipsville I got off of 101 and onto the Avenue of the Giants.  I took my time and slowly drove down the road that wound between giant trees.  It was most relax will.  In Phillipsville I asked about the whereabouts of Hobbiton, USA.  It turned out and that I had passed the overgrown sign to Hobbiton, USA next to the sign that proclaimed The Chimney Tree.  I returned both the café and Hobbiton, USA were closed.  I took a picture of the sign and then started walking up the path.  It turned out that there are some tenants living on the grounds and warned me off as I was trespassing.  Darn!  While I was there, at least 10 cars slow down to give the area a look. 

I think the owners are vastly underestimating the attraction of Hobbiton, USA.  Granted it would cost a fair bit of change to bring the area back to high standards.  However, I would bet and donate some money that if the owners asked for help on The One Ring.Net and The Frodo Franchise blog, they would attract more than enough talent who would be willing to work for free in order to restore Hobbiton, USA to splendor.  All they would have to do is put up a plaque afterwards indicating which human, Elf, dwarf, etc., had helped with the restoration.  Moreover, they could host an annual picnic on the weekend closest to 1 May, which I believe is the date that Bilbo returned to Bagend, to do a spring cleanup on the grounds for the following tourist season. 

I sorrowfully took my leave and slowly headed up the Avenue of the Giants.  It is truly a magnificent experience to slowly drive this road.  Some of the trees along the road appeared to be about 10 feet in diameter.  Further away there must’ve been even bigger trees than those along the road.  It was truly an invigorating experience for the soul and mind. 

It was a short drive after the Avenue of the Giants ended to Eureka where I stayed for the evening.  Once in my room I’ve read for awhile, then went to the adjacent restaurant for dinner, called up a few friends to work on meetings along the road and then read some more until I turned out to light.  

I also decided I would spend an additional night here as I was meeting an old friend for a late lunch and rather than try and drive on afterword would put my feet up, make some phone calls and read little bit.  I would head out to some parks on Monday morning.


2 Responses to “Redwoods & a deserted Hobbiton”

  1. 47whitebuffalo Says:

    Hmm you ought to have exited your car and walked around the giants and then you’d have really wanted to import some sort of real hobbit worshipping folks…lucky you on hwy of Redwoods…Btw, there’s a great hostel north of Klamath…right on hwy 101, just less than a one minute walk from it, across the road and to the ocean…

  2. The Wombat Says:

    I have walked thru giant trees both on this trip and on others. I was in a similar “Valley of the Giants” in Western Australia.

    Wondering where in Middle-earth I am as I drive along is something I’ve done for many a decade.

    I’ve done a little bit of dune walking as well. Solitude can be most nice.

    However, it would be nice to restore “Hobbiton, USA.” As they note in “Ringers” it is beyond cute.

    Ah, getting towards September. Time to watch TLOTR and reread the books. 22 September sounds about right.

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