Saturday, 30 May 2009.  Tho up early, I didn’t do much for the first half of the morning.  Actually it was very well spent.  I had a delicious breakfast with Theresa and Barry and a good long conversation. 

It was a beautiful day out in the temperature was already warm by the time I got ready to leave for Vegas.  As I started up my car I got to show Theresa, Barry had already seen it, the neat and novel Canadian approach to starting my car: toggle switches. 

I gassed up the car just before I got on the interstate and called Barb to let her know I was leaving.  To drive down to Vegas was quite quick without much traffic.  I really liked this section through the corner of Arizona.  Awesome scenery while the highway wove between the mountains and cliffs.  It is really a very, very pretty drive. 

When I get to Vegas I took 215 around the city to an  exit which was a mile or so from Barb’s place.  When the road gets completed, probably by 2020, it will be an excellent ring road around Vegas.  However, for about 20 miles it is, or can be, one stoplight after another as you go on and off the highway at each crossroad.  Still it is better than driving through the city.  I settled in and found that I had, Internet access which is a good thing, and did little to e-mail. 

Then Barb and I went out to watch Star Trek.  I heard pretty good things about the movie as well is the usual complaints about bad science.  As I told a friend, it is a Hollywood movie, and therefore, one expects the science to be awful.  I found the film to be a good sci-fi film.  Yes, it is different from the original Star Trek series, but it is an alternate universe, and therefore, it should be different.  It had more action then many of the other Star Trek movies.  I thought the acting was relatively decent and enjoyed the comparison between the two Spocks.  It was interesting to see the “original” bridge crew come together by the end of the movie.  It was enjoyable enough that seeing it again if somebody’s house, if they have the movie, would not be out of the question.  I’m looking forward to seeing the second movie in the series which I understand it is already being worked on. 

Afterwards Barb and I one out for some very good hamburgers.  Deciding I needed some dessert at hand should I desire it, I went and bought some ice cream on the way home.  It was needed, and it was good. 

Puttered on the computer, read some and then crashed out.


One Response to “NCC-1701”

  1. Trevor Hilton Says:

    Live long and prosper, Wombat. Ahead, warp factor 2!

    Yes, I like Star Trek, too.

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