Coming down from Red Horn Pass

Thursday, 28 May 2009.  I woke to find a very sunny sky.  It would be a good day for a drive in the desert.  I picked up the car, filled with gas and head on down the road.  I was off to a Great Basin National Park.  The first part of the draw in was down the interstate.  However, I soon left the end to two-lane roads off into the distance.  For most of the way I was driving US 50 and US 6.  There is a lot of nothing along this road.  This is not to say that it isn’t pretty, which it is, but it lived up to its name of being a very lonely highway.  To make sure I had plenty of gas as one could drive well over 100 miles and not see a gas station.  To make sure I could get all the way to Cedar City, I filled up in Baker just outside of Great Basin National Park. 

I drove up to the visitors’ center and decided it was more than time enough to have some breakfast at the café up there.  It was quite a nice breakfast.  After breakfast I just made it over to the start of a tour of the Lehman Caves.  I got a 50% discount on the ticket price to due to having an Olde Phartes park pass.  🙂  It was quite a nice cave tour. 

Afterwards, I took the scenic drive up to where the footpath to the glacier began.  The beginning of the footpath was still under snow.  I couldn’t get to the glacier but the glacier had come to me.  It also allowed me to be slightly silly.  There were some other tourists there as well as a park ranger who were more than willing to take pictures of me standing barefoot in the snow.  There I was, Pippin, coming down to the base of the path from Red Horn Pass.  After all, hobbits are known to be able to go barefoot through the snow. 

I then headed back to Utah and took a state highway across an empty and desolate land.  It was actually quite pretty.  Once I got back into cell phone range, I gave Theresa and Barry a call to let them know approximately when I would be showing up.  The drive was much quicker than Google maps indicated.

When I arrived, Barry was vastly amused by the Canadian ignition system installed in my car.  After I got a little bit settled in the house, we headed out for a nice prime rib dinner at a local restaurant complete with humorous country and western songs preformed live.  Later that evening we tried to play a couple DVDs that I had but only one worked.  We watched Ringers.  It was then time to crash out.


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