At Historic Milepost Zero

Wednesday, 20 May 2009.  I awoke to a looks like a very nice day outside, though I didn’t sleep all that well.  Of the didn’t have any thin sheets only a lovely duvet which was too warm and I couldn’t really sleep under it.  I must ask for a couple sit sheets for tonight.  Nonetheless I did get enough sleep to carry on today,  And I’m looking forward to exploring Dawson Creek and taking lots of photos. 

I’ll figure out how warm it is when I go outside today and see if the snow is melting.  We were supposed to get some additional snow overnight but I don’t think that happened. 

I tried to get on the internet, but tho the computer says, I’m connected, I can’t raise a browser.  This is a hassle.  Not sure just when I’ll be back on line.  My trip diary is way behind, tho I have done the several installments. 

I went upstairs to eat a marvelous breakfast prepared by Barb.  It was a marvelous spread, and I ate more than enough to keep me going for most of the day.  When I got back to my room, I found that the internet connection was working.  I managed to clear up some of the e-mail but did not upload my diary segments. 

I finally loaded up the car and headed downtown to do some sightseeing.  My first stop was a welcoming marker as one enters Dawson Creek.  I then drove over to see in the Northern Alberta Railways Park.  It is the site of the Railway Station Museum.  Besides having lots of neat stuff one could watch an hour long film on the Alaskan Highway.  A couple hundred meters away was the cairn and marking Milepost Zero. 

In the time I came out of the museum the sunny skies and gentle breezes had melted just about all of the snow.  I walked a block or two into town and went over to the Alaska Highway House.  This was a museum dedicated to the highway and also included an hour long film on the making of the highway along with interviews of people who worked on the highway itself.  While there were some overlap with the other film, this film was very interesting as well. 

But this time I was thinking of food and wandered around the center of Dawson Creek.  The one restaurant mentioned in my guidebook had a very limited menu by four o’clock in the afternoon. 

Therefore, fell back on my standard on the road fast food place, KFC.  Fortified and rehydrated I returned to the B&B.  As the Internet connection was still up I set about updating my blog.  I also called and made arrangements for tomorrow night.  I am staying at the Sasquatch Crossing Lodge.  In their air they note that there are daily Sasquatch sightings.  I browsed the Internet for a little while, made a few comments on my Facebook page and then called it a night.  I would be getting up at six o’clock in the morning tomorrow.


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