Well, they did let me in.

Friday, 15 May 2009.  I rolled out of bed early enough to catch continental breakfast at the motel.  It looks like a mostly sunny day out and the temperatures in the springtime range. 

For the open road beckoned and I headed down the interstate for about an hour-turn north.  My goal was Lethbridge in Alberta.  Although the road is not marked as scenic it was pretty enough.  Heading up the road in a wide valley of farmland.  However, often in the distance in almost any direction were snow-covered mountains. 

After not void in all were they picked up Interstate 15 which was also quite pretty as it ran between two mountain ranges.  Love the whole traffic was rather light, and I was able to cruise along at just barely over the speed limit.  I didn’t want to be accused of blocking traffic. 

I left the interstate once again and drove through farmland with mountains mainly to the west of me. 

 I stopped off in Augusta for a light lunch.  The bar has a thing for elk, and the ceilings were covered with antlers.  While the hamburger was pretty good it did take quite a while for to show up and then they barman managed to forget to bring out my can of Pepsi.  However, I had a nice chat with some of the people at the bar.  I finally finished up and headed back north.  Was heading back to the interstate and took a couple back roads to get there.  

At the border the fun began.  It was quite slow as there was only one gate open at the border.  Tho he was polite, I always am to Border Folk, he told me to go inside and see the officers there. 

Some 10 or 15 minutes later I was finally called up to one of the officers and  eventually he stamped “Admitted” and directed me to another desk.  At this point they took the card and said I was free to go.  Later there are some speculation by some of the Canadians I met that this type of behavior was in response to the Speaker of the House’s comments.  Gee, thanx! 

The rest of the drive up to Lethbridge went smoothly.  I only had to ask directions once in order to find my motel, and the price was as stated in the AAA book.  The room was nice and I settled in for the evening.  As I had a wireless connection I was able to get a few things done.  Then I walked next door to Dairy Queen for some chicken thingies.  Time to crash out, it had been a long day.


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