Cruisin’ thru ND Badlands

Tuesday, 12 May 2009. I got up about 7.  It was cool and there was a hazy overcast.  However the forecast was for temps in the 60s and no rain until later or late in the afternoon.  After puttering around for about an hour I went and had breakfast which was quite excellent and provided by the motel.  Now to go forth and wonder through Teddy Roosevelt National Park – South.

The drive to the park was easy it was a beautiful day and traffic was light.  I first stopped at the Painted Canyon section of Teddy Roosevelt National Park.  I wanted to get a second stamp for my National Park Passport.  Which I had purchased yesterday.  I was also delayed due to my chatting with the attractive lady behind the counter.  🙂  The view was just a preview of the awesome landscape of the park.

To get to the park’s main entrance one drives through Medora.  The town looks like a set for a Western movie.  I went in and got money second stamp and might pass for the park.  It helps having an Olde Pharte’s pass for all the national parks.

The drive through the park was marvelous.  The drive is something like 35 miles long, and I stopped at all to turn offs state photos and even hiked up one he’ll do take a bunch of panoramic photos of the park.  One good thing about going to parks early in the season is that there is nobody there.  I would take photos, and there would be nothing but empty and very pretty landscape about me.  What I stood silently you they are all like it here was some birds and the winds blowing over the rolling hills and raw cliff faces.

The sky slowly clouded over, and by the time I was about three quarters of the way through the park the first drops of rain began to fall.  For a considerable time it was merely a sprinkle here and there but no serious rain.

Unless the park and headed down I-94 to Miles City, MT.  The drive was easy as there was little traffic on the highway.  However, in the rains began to fall as I pass through one band after another of pretty heavy showers.  Yet, by the time I reached Miles City, the sky was overcast but broken and no rain was falling.

Under these conditions I was able to have a very filling Hunan Chinese dinner.  I then returned to the room to putter about on the computer.  I did manage to book a room in Billings before the thunderstorms started.  Thunderstorms soon developed after our return to the room and lightning and thunder crashed around the area.  Then the noise intensified.  I went outside to see what was happening and found that we were in the midst of a hailstorm.  While I had seen hail before, this was a little bit special.  The hail came down as if it were snow.  I even got a photo of my car covered in the hail stones about the size of large peas.  The storm and hail raged about the motel and me for about an hour or so and also knocked out the Internet connection.  Enough was enough, and I went to bed.

I keep forgetting to note, as I headed north from Chicago this season seem to recede.  It wasn’t long before most of the trees barely had any green on them and most of the branches of trees and bushes were bare.

Oh yes, as I had breakfast, before I return to update yesterday’s, the 12th, diary entry, I watch snowfall outside of the window of the restaurant.  Ahh, spring.


2 Responses to “Cruisin’ thru ND Badlands”

  1. Trevor Hilton Says:

    You need to go up there during the Black Hills Motorcycle Classic. I’d like to ride my Sportster up there sometime. Although, once will probably be all I can handle.

  2. The Wombat Says:

    The Black Hills is for another trip.

    I imagine, it would be interesting. Never been on a Bike.

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