Wide Open Spaces

Sunday, 10 May 2009.  Up at 7 a.m. sort myself and pack my car.  I got the car packed in an hour, which is about what I thought it would take, and then I joined Lee for some coffee and breakfast.  It was a beautiful sunny day. 

I took my leave of Lee, headed for a short jaunt up the interstate and then turned on to US 2 for my drive to Watford City.  I picked up some gas not too far along the way and basically had an easy ride all the way out to Minot.  Here I gassed up for the rest of the drive to Watford City. 

US 2 was four lanes the entire way and except for a couple towns was an uninterrupted drive at 70 miles an hour, well, 75 or 77.  I did stop in Rugby, North Dakota, in order to get a few pictures of the obelisk denoting the geographical center of North America.  How cool is that.  I also visited the local Pizza Hut for lunch.  I commented on the fact that it was cool outside to the waitress, who noted that the day before at the high school track meet it snowed.  Oh well, it is only the beginning of May. 

At my night I turn south on 83 for a short while and then turned on to SR 23.  Unfortunately, they were a little bit too far from the road for me to stop and go over to them, but at several locations I was delighted to see small or tiny windrows of snow still on the ground.  This is definitely going to be an interesting trip, and I’m glad I brought winter gear. 

Instead of saying on 23 I turned onto 22 and then 73 to head over to Watford City.  This allowed me to drive through some Badlands on a scenic byway.  It was a beautiful drive very little traffic and I still made it to Watford City well ahead of Google directions time estimate. 

While I occasionally drove, the sky for the most part was mostly sunny.  However, I did get a few sprinkles now and then but they were not a problem at all.  When I got to the motel, I found a note telling me which room I was in as the motel owner was off having a Mother’s Day dinner.  Looking out the window I could see rain a distance and hears thunder rolling across the rolling hills of Northwest North Dakota. 

I will able to get online and got caught up with a few things.  For dinner I was directed to a local restaurant just down the road which wasn’t too bad and had a filling dinner.  I came back and puttered around the room a little bit and then called my friend in LA and we chatted for about a hundred minutes.  Tomorrow night I’ll have to call a few more people and use up my minutes before I head into the wilds of Canada and the new phone plan for the next five weeks or so.


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