Monday, 4 May 2009. I awoke to clear skies and cool temperatures.  It look like was going to be another very nice day.  I’ll start the morning with some shoulder exercises that I should’ve done yesterday and then actually log on and get a few things done including updating this diary on my blog.

As usual trying to connect with motel wireless is a spherical pain in the ass.  It took a very long phone call to supposedly get the connection back up and real soon now, maybe by August, a be able to connect to the Internet.  God, I hate computers.  I’ve only wasted a half an hour so far I wonder how much longer it’s good to be.

Actually I didn’t get online until after I came back from dinner.  When they finally got the Internet connection going it kept connecting and disconnecting for a while.  I really didn’t trust it at that point.  I must’ve called the company that runs the computer connection couple times they called the motel a couple times and it still didn’t work.  One of the problem seemed to be that the staff kept moving the little black boxes from one room to another and screwing up the network.  Computer networks are so touchy.  I still say they won’t be working properly until 2050 if then.

I spent some of the time chatting with Lady X.  Finally about 2 p.m. I headed up to the Denny’s in Highland Park to meet up with Chuck and Margret Flaherty.  A surprise, for me, was Beverly’s Steinberg joining us.  She was another Roosevelt high school grad.  Obviously, she was much too young to one school at the same time Chuck and I did.

We had a lovely conversation for a couple hours and I topped off my senior discount dinner with a vanilla milkshake.  They made it almost thick enough for me.  He did a good job.

What I got home I got online, finally, and proceeded to clear out some of the e-mail that had stacked up, caught up on news and relaxed.  One bit of good news was the Cubs winning their fourth in a row.  Tomorrow will make it five.


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