Sunday, 3 May 2009.  I sort of slept in but still awoke before the alarm went off.  The day dawned sunny and quite nice.  Now if the good weather will continue for another three days, I shall be happy.  To have a sunny and warm day on Tuesday for the ballgame.

I was happily puttering away writing up the diary when Cort Stevens called.  We were to get together for breakfast, while breakfast for me, and then go over and check out this collection of Monte Carlo’s.

I took slightly longer getting out of the motel room as I had a very nice conversation with Robin.  I would be seeing her and her companion John on Wednesday night.  We decided I would have a farm experience on Thursday and maybe get to ride a horse or two if the weather is not too bad.  One of the horses and may be able to ride is a thoroughbred.  This would be appropriate considering I own the  hoof  of one thoroughbred and the tail of another.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention I actually watch the running of the Kentucky Derby.  It was a marvelous race and watching that 50 to 1 long shot just run through the herd of horses as if they were only out for a trot and he was out to run.  He really made them all look silly.

Slightly late I met up with the Cort at the IHOP in Elgin.  I pigged out on Carmel pancakes.  I had my sugar high for the day.  We have a lovely conversation, and I also flirted with the young waitress we had.  We even ended up talking about where Cort wanted to go with his life, and he liked a suggestion or two I had for him.

I then followed amount to a farm about 20 miles west of Elgin where he kept his cars and the farmer’s barn.  Of this weekend the weather had been bad and Cort hadn’t had a chance to get them out and clean them up.  However, they were in the collection of cars.

We finally called it an afternoon and I headed back to the motel.  The day it turned out to be mostly sunny and relatively warm.  The drive back was made even better by being able to listen to the last couple innings of the Cubs game against the Marlins.  It was a clean sweep and put the Cubs two games over 500.  Maybe they’re shaking off April and getting their act together.  We shall see.

A relaxed watching television in playing solitaire for the rest of the afternoon and made arrangements for a late lunch or early dinner, Lunner or as I call it, with Chuck Flaherty and his wife at a Denny’s about halfway between where I am staying and where he lives in Waukegan.

I finally called it a night, read a little bit and got a typical night’s sleep.


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