Driving Thru Nashville

Wednesday, 29 April 2009.  I had a decent night’s sleep, all things considered.  It was a cool morning with mostly cloudy skies.  I’m given to understand that I will be tried being in to more inclement weather.  However it is currently dry.

Unfortunately, I am using the quiet morning to not only catch up on e-mail and post some updates to my blog but run a few scans on my computer that usually do once a week at home.  It will be nice when computers have advanced far enough so that you can do more than one thing at a time and also really work.  This may happen by 2050 but I’m not holding my breath.

After catching up on e-mail and learning that the nearest coffee with cream may be a mile or more away I got everything sorted and packed up, loaded up the car and headed over to Merry’s.  We headed off to see local Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  Well I was getting a first breakfast and I believe Merry was getting a second, but we are hobbits.

The food wasn’t bad and we had a lovely long conversation.  Back at her home we continued our conversation.  I also called then connected up with Marie Miesel in Nashville.  Marie and I would be meeting up for dinner on my way through Nashville.

I eventually called the morning and headed down the road to Nashville.  It was an easy drive under both cloudy and sunny skies.  I didn’t have too much for problem finding Marie’s home and kicked back with a novel until she showed up from work. 

We immediately headed off to Café Nonna, I believe that’s the name.  It was an Italian style café which had excellent food.  We even shared a desert.  It was also excellent. 

Back at her apartment we talked about Tolkien and other literary matters.  I then met her roommate, an engineering Ph.D. candidate from India.  We immediately began to talk about cricket.  🙂 

Eventually, I had to get on the road to Evansville.  The drive up probably would have been pretty during the day but wasn’t bad as there was little traffic once I got on the road away from Nashville.  I even found Deb’s place without too much problem.  I usually come from the other direction.  As it was after midnight, we called it an evening rather quickly. 

A shower, a few more chapters and then some sleep.


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