Chilling in Evansville

Thursday, 30 April 2009.  I halfway slept in on a wet and cloudy morning.  After doing a few things on the computer, I headed downstairs for some needed coffee.

     After a lazy morning in front of the computer and on the phone Deb and I headed out to first to the local museum, which is quite nice,  and then over to the mall for a nice walk.  This gave this a good appetite for dinner.

     We headed over to the Texas Rib Eye for some dead beast.  The restaurant was excellent, with both food and service quite good.  The only downer aspect of the visit was a screaming child at the next table.  We asked to be moved and were.

     While we were waiting to be seated, a lady came in to join some friends.  I didn’t see her walk up behind us but did see her friends waiting apparently at us.  Somehow I joked about giving backrubs.  On the way to the salad bar she mentioned to me that her friends for waiting for me to give them backrubs.  Of course, once I was done with dinner I went over to their table and offered “desert.”  We all have a good laugh, and I wish them a good meal.

     Then out into the rain and back to the house.  We chatted briefly, I did send e-mail and then called the a day.


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