Friends & Food in ‘Nooga

Tuesday, 28 April 2009.  Up way too early as I had a long way to go.  It was cool with clear skies Pinehurst, North Carolina.  Last night I did have some pizza followed by solitaire and reading a book that was on my computer.


I specifically took non-interstates were I could.  However, this meant I had to put up with even in worse drivers than usual.  Many seemed to feel that driving 35 in a 55 or 65 zone was justified as they had paid their taxes and could do whatever they wanted.


I did run into a couple of jammed up interstates specifically want around Charlotte.  They definitely need extra lanes for the roads surrounding the city.


The drive itself was actually quite pretty.  There were a number of spots where the road had obviously been laid out by a drunken snake with hiccups.  While part of the routing meant I was following slow trucks and even slower cars and there were plenty of road sections were I could really push my car through the curves.  It was a lot of fun.  There were also a couple of scenic overlooks which were breathtaking.  Slow though it may have been I’m glad I took the road.


I got in fairly early to Chattanooga, found my motel and then headed over to the restaurant.  I was happy to note that this Motel 6 not only had Wi-Fi, but it was free and actually worked.


I was meeting, Merry and Tom Wall and Uncle Timmy and She Who Must Be Obeyed.  We were returning to Provino’s Italian restaurant.  We ate here last year and decided it was worth coming back to.  After about 3 1/2 hours later of good food, good conversation and pleasant surroundings, we called it an evening.


I returned to the room and played around on the computer for a while.  I did some e-mail, played some solitaire and read.


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