Friday, 24 April 2009.  After my usual for nights sleep.  I got up ready to face the world.  It was a beautiful sunny day in Richmond.  While it was still cool in the morning, the temp was going up to about 75°.  I can live with that.

     I’m hoping the continual application of hand or body lotion to the bottom of my left foot will ease the dryness and cracking.  It is a literal pain in the foot.  My shoulders are okay, so I still have some pain in the right shoulder.  Now to try and see if I can connect up with the Internet. 

     This Crown Plaza is somewhat civilized.  Internet connection is free and seems to work.  As I had some time to kill until I could actually go and have breakfast I worked on my e-mail and did my shoulder exercises.

     While the birth the list was fairly good I was disappointed in the fact that they had no half-and-half to go with coffee which I then skipped.  Thank goodness for caffeine pills.

     The first part of the day was pretty lazy.  I got some stuff out of the car sorted out what I wanted to do got registered at the convention and chatted with the attendees who had already shown up.

     One person I was happy to meet was Amy Sturgis, who I have heard of in relation to Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings.  We had a nice talk about the books and some of the history and I hope to sit down and chat with her later during the convention.

     I was on three panels and attended a couple others.  After my last panel I hit some of the parties and finally called it a night near midnight which after all was fairly early but I was tired.


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