Spammers & how to deal with them.

YES!!!!!  This is the way to treat spammers!


As Emperor We’ll authorize a black ops unit to do more of this against spammers.


—– Original Message —–

Subject: Re: Spam, – someone’s beat you to it, literally


You might like this. Extreme prejudice indeed!


Vardan Kushnir:  Alias: None;  Current Status: Pushing Daisies


He’s been called “Russia’s most despised Internet figure,” and that’s saying a lot. At his peak, Kushnir spewed 25 million e-mails a day to promote his own language tutoring businesses, overloading servers and causing many ISPs worldwide to blacklist any e-mails coming from the .ru domain–much to the chagrin of legitimate Russian Netizens who found it impossible to communicate with the rest of the world. He taunted Russian government officials and alienated employees by refusing to pay them.


When the 35-year-old Kushnir was bludgeoned to death in July 2005 –allegedly in “self defense” by three women he’d picked up in a bar in Moscow—the reaction in the Russian press was largely gleeful. No one has been charged in the crime.


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