In Search of Cephphie!

Had some fun on the 19th.  Went out to the Erie Canal Village and did some principle photography on a 5-10 minute horror mockumentary, In Search of Cephphie!.  [I guess, in Oz they would refer to it as a moco. J]  Cephphie is a relative of the Kraken living in the Erie Canal.  I was interviewed about my various monster hunts, such as going after the Dreaded Drop Bear & the Wild Haggis Land Piranha to the Cogniscenti]  to name two.    We had glorious weather and got most of it done.  We have some ADR & a couple scenes to go.  We even conned a visitor into being in the film.  It was great fun and something to add to my film resume.  Must send and update to Peter Jackson real soon now.


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