BAILOUT! [for the rich]

Bailout!  It sounds to me that rich politicians are writing a bailout bill for a bunch of rich businessmen [& maybe a very few rich businesswoman].  This is more transfer of money from the lower and middle classes to the rich.    No executive from any of the bailed out corporations will walk away without getting a pittance, for them, a lot of money for us.    A friend of mine commented on the fact that the recipients of all this money are possibly worried about the impact of the 2nd Amendment.  When one has lost everything, what else is there to lose.


4 Responses to “BAILOUT! [for the rich]”

  1. batguano101 Says:

    It will make the crash worse.

  2. The Wombat Says:

    You and I are the last persons either corporations or the government worry about. — Don’t get me wrong. I approve of profit. I’m just not very warm and fuzzy about greed. — I believe, it was JP Morgan, [A warm-hearted soul, who had the public’s interest at heart.] who noted that the top job in a corporation should earn about 20 times what the lowest gets. You do the math! — Oh well, my folks made it thru the Depression, I figure I should be able to as well.

  3. batguano101 Says:

    The interests of this administration directly conflict with the interests of our nation and our people.

    Socializing corporate losses after a feeding frenzy of corporate profits in the series of bubbles and the derivatives scam, which is corruption/anything goes speculation is the last thing our nation needs.

    No to socialized corporate losses, departing from capitalism for a form of fascism merger of state and corporation.

    No to profits for banks that caused this off public funds.

    Enough is enough.

    Stop the media spin, propaganda, and let the markets correct, private money buy up without public funds (meaning at true value without artificial profit), and do the administrative and regulative functions which can help without public funds.

    In other words, get real.

  4. The Wombat Says:

    Hi, — Getting real is the last thing politicians will ever do. — Unfortunately, unless there is some liquidity in the markets, there will be no loans at any rate. This is not a good thing. — Socializationis only good when it gives money to the rich. — Remember the adage: When you owe the bank $1000, it owns you. When you owe the bank 10 Billion dollars, you own the bank. — As with all the challenges facing the US, there are no easy solutions. There are no “quick” solutions. — Most, if not all “simple” solutions are wrong.

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