South Carolina Way!

Monday, 28 April 2008.  Up early and headed out to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Unfortunately, the weather was really a nasty.  It was rainy and foggy, and just unpleasant.  It was also slow, slower than I expected.  With the weather being so bad, there were times I thought I would need to trade in my car for a boat, I decided to take interstates down to Greenville, South Carolina.  By then, the weather had gotten better, and it was nice and sunny when I pulled up in front of the home of Dave and Sharon Weber.  The whole family and I piled into the van.  And we headed over to a local seafood restaurant.  We took our time and enjoyed the food which was quite good and had a relaxed conversation.  This was accomplished even with the noise in the restaurant and three young children at hand.  Back at the Weber’s residence.  I was showed Dave’s new studio, where Dave and I put our feet up and had a very nice long conversation.  All good things must come to an end and I eventually headed back to my motel.  I did want to make a reasonably early start the next day.  It would be a fairly long drive, though all on the interstate, down to Orlando, Florida.


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