The Reunion Tour of Middle-earth!

The Return of the Tour!    In JAN 04 I travelled down to Middle-earth.  The 18-day tour was fantastic.  We had almost enough fun.  J    In MAR 06 I led 3 Hobbits on a similar Tour of Middle-earth.  Again, we all had a grand time, even if I did tear my rotator cuff.    The tours were organized by Jan Coyle, Pacific Pathways, .    Jan is now looking at organizing a “Reunion Tour” in 2010, tho the exact date is up in the air.  Part of it depends on when The Hobbit is made.    I’ve suggested, we wrap The Tour around the Premiere of The Hobbit in Wellington.    Nothing is set yet, but if the idea of visiting Middle-earth [Beautiful New Zealand] is appealing to you, begin to put away your money.    Truth in advertising.  This is NOT an inexpensive trip.  However, it is a once [except for a few of us real nutcases] in a lifetime trip.  Join a group of Hobbitheads/Ringers for 18 to 28 days [may throw in some general sightseeing as well].  Dressing up and being silly [well to the mundane world] is highly encouraged.    Interested?  Drop Jan a note and tell her to put you on the mailing list.    Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielvo!   Pippin, the wandering hobbit,  Thain Peregrin Took II, Great Smials, Tookborough, The Shire


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