The [un]Patriot Act in Action!

Recently, in a couple of mysteries the [un]Patriot Act was mentioned and used.  While I’m not a big fan of terrorists, I would be very much one of their targets, I do feel, the Constitution does have some merit.    I find, the ability to go into the library, bookstore, office, etc., and gather records on someone without their knowledge to be something only a dictatorship would relish.  On top of this is the fact that the library, bookstore, business, cannot make mention of this to their lawyer, the person involved or anyone else under penalty of going to jail.    Not too different from the USSR or Nazi Germany in my eyes.    Laws made in haste lay waste to the population they are supposed to protect.    My library does destroy their request or reserve list after the book has been checked out.  Your library may not be doing this.  I’ll also bet that Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc. doesn’t destroy their buyers’ list.  You buy a “naughty” book from them, and the Feds will know, if they wish to.    I do hope, your name doesn’t sound like an Arab’s.  An acquaintance is on the “bad girl” list at airports.  She uses her middle initial.  Well, airline ticket machine run first & second names together.   Guess what?  This results in her having a common Arab name and being put on the “watch list.”    She found out about it when denied permission to do disaster training in a “sensitive” area – an airport.  So anyone out there with the name of Red A. Smith will most likely get on the doo-doo list.  Reda is a male Arab name.  J  Ain’t our fearless gummit wonderful.  Your tax dollars at work!


2 Responses to “The [un]Patriot Act in Action!”

  1. Borders INC. sucks Says:

    “I’ll also bet that Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc. doesn’t destroy their buyers’ list”
    how can they get your name at Borders if you pay with cash, unless you use the borders rewards cards that is connected to a phone number and name

  2. The Wombat Says:

    G’day — While they may keep your name & contact info, I rather doubt, if they keep a list of the books you’ve bought. Well, I hope not. — For the heck of it have you ever gone to them and asked?

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