Go and nominate “World Enough And Time” for a Hugo!

I wish to note a few things up front.  Having not lived in a house with a TV for about 40 years I’m not much of a TV media fan nor do I go to a lot of movies.  I guess, I like to do things rather than sit and watch them happen.    Have I ever watched Star Trek either on TV or the films?  Yes.  I’ve even attended a few ST cons; I was Toastmaster at Toronto Trek.  🙂  Am I a “big” fan of ST, no, not really, tho I’ve enjoyed the episodes and films I’ve seen.  —  That being said, I had the chance to work as a Production Assistant [read gopher] on a recent 2-day reshoot for the current STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES, http://www.startreknewvoyages.com/ , episode.  I had a great time.  It was neat watching the scenes shot  on the set I helped put together.  The people I met were super.  The Ghreat Wombat willing and the crick don’t rise I’ll be back at the principle photography shoot as a PA or other grunt job for 2 weeks next June when the next episode will be shot.  I’m really looking forward to the opportunity.  Oh yes, I get to pay for the experience totally out of my own pocket.    I would like to remind one and all, we will be having a panel on STNV at ALBACON 08, http://www.albacon.org .  Cpt. Kirk, er, Mr. Cawley, is slated to be one of the panelists along with 4 other members from the cast & crew.  I’m also hoping a number of additional members of the cast & crew will attend.    The reason I mention all this is that LASTSFA, and it came to me, received the DVD of “World Enough And Time” starring George Takei.  STNV , see above, is sending the DVD to fan groups around the country, maybe the world in an effort to get the episode on the Hugo ballot under “Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.”    So with my biases intact I sat down to watch the episode.  This was the first time I had watched one.  On the set I had seen some outtakes from the upcoming episode and was impressed. The short review is “Yes, do nominate it for “Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.”  There is no doubt in my mind it will stand up to any other entry in the category. The longer review and comments:  Production values:  Considering that this was done out of Mr Cawley’s pocket and what donations were received, the film looked as if they had some big bucks behind them.  The camera work and continuity are excellent.    Acting:  Mr. Takei was superb in the episode.  However, what made the episode so much fun to watch was that the other actors were right up there in performance.  This was a professional film from the word go.  Yes, George stood out.  His “daughter” was outstanding and hot.  Hey, I may be 28 [in base 30], but I can appreciate a good actor who is also a delicious babe!  The rest of the main crew acted well and interacted with George exceedingly well.  Yes, Mr. James Cawley does a fine Captain Kirk.    Script:  The dialog and plot and pacing all worked very well.  This is to be expected as the director Marc Scott Zicree and the writer Michael Reaves may well be SF fans, but they both have a long list of credits on IMDB.  This in not fanfic.  And the ending worked!    Set & costuming:  The set was very accurate from what I could see & remember.  The costuming was pretty spot on, tho several bits of both looked inexpensive.  This is not necessarily a criticism.  It is hard to produce expensive looking props and set for nothing.    Special Effects:  They were pretty good.  Maybe not up to network or studio level, but quite good.  They were done by students at DAVE [The Digital Animation & Visual Effects] School at Universal Studios Florida as their graduation project.  [Hmm, I may have to drop by there on my Southern Tour after RAVENCON.]    Please remember there is NO income from the sale of the episodes.  They can’t make any money this way.  The shows come out of folks’ pockets.  If you’ve seen the episodes and liked them, you could do worse than to go to their web site and donate a few bucks to making subsequent episodes happen.  Make it so!    All in all I very much enjoyed the episode and look forward to viewing the others when I can pick up the DVDs. Go and nominate “World Enough And Time”  for a Hugo!


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