To kill or not to kill.

I was saddened by the complete lack of understanding or any sense of humor exhibited by both the incomparable Mr. Sharpton.    There is no doubt in my mind, if Woods had been white, that “Al the Magnificent” would not have even noticed the comment.  After all, only white folk can be bigots.    I attend a lot of SF cons and am involved with the masquerade at most of them.  Whenever, a brand new costumer bursts on the scene, there is a good natured “Someone should put out a contract on them.”    the fact is that while Tiger does lose the occasional match, the only way to beat him consistently is to do away with him.    I guess, golf is going to have to suffer along with watching Tiger “kill” off the competition for some time.    Tiger showed just how much of a “mench” he is.  Al baby on the other hand showed just how big a dweeb he is.  Al, get a life!    Oh yes, Al, the expression “Black Friday” has nothing to do with African Americans.  No doubt, you would become highly incensed when someone talks about a chink in one’s armor or having a gay old time.  PC on occasions makes me ill.  See my comment on it elsewhere in my blog.


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