My plot for The Hobbit, Part 1

It will be interesting to see just what the script for The Hobbit 1 will be.    There is much that can be compressed and left out without hurting the story as a film.    Bilbo needs to meet Gandalf so Gandalf can mark his door.  The meeting with the Dwarves can be compressed without any singing.  However, it would  be nice for the Dwarves to be heard singing faintly as Bilbo falls asleep.    Cut to them meeting up at the Green Dragon and then heading off.  Then the wet night, with maybe a comment about how nice it had been, and the meeting with the trolls.  This is needed as the trolls are seen in TLOTR & Bilbo needs to get Sting.    Rivendell is where they find out more details of the map.  Also, I would love to see a young 10-year old peek around Elrond at Bilbo & company & Elrond telling “Estel” to be polite to their distinguished guests. J    While the company needs to be captured by the goblins, the action can be compressed.    Riddles in the dark is a tough one.  When I’ve read the chapter out loud, it runs to nearly an hour.  This won’t do for a film.  Some of the action can be compressed, but there does need to be [most of] the riddling game & Gollum must yell after Bilbo “Thief, thief, thief!  Bagginses, we hates it forever!”  This provides a rational for Gollum leaving the lake and pursuing Bilbo.    The company is chased by goblins into the trees and saved by the Eagles.    Once safe Gandalf could tell the company that he knows a place & person, maybe a few things about Beorn, where they can get transportation.  Then cut to them about to enter Mirkwood.  Beorn needs to be mentioned, he does show up at the Battle of Five Armies, but is not needed before then other than as a name.    Much of the trip thru Mirkwood isn’t necessary.  The spiders are as this is, for me, the place where Bilbo turns a corner and becomes the needed leader.  He also has to name Sting.  Then the capture of Dwarves by the Elves & a brief account of their captivity.  Bilbo saving them and their arrival in Laketown.  Quickly outfitted and then off to the Lonely Mountain.    Again much can be shown and compressed.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Bilbo only makes one trip down to Smaug with events combined and compressing the reordering of the Dwarvish halls & the finding of the Arkenstone.    Bard needs to kill Smaug. The gathering of forces opposing the Dwarves and the confrontation.    Again, the action can be compressed with Dain’s arrival and the Battle.  Jackson likes battles.  This will be a biggie.  Thorin’s farewell and a brief journey home to reclaim Bag End from the Sackville-Bagginses.    This is my idea of what could well be included in the film.  I somehow doubt, everyone will agree with me.    Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.    Anyone know how to reach Mr. Jackson?  I would dearly love to work on the film.


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