More than one official language just doesn’t work.

More than one official language just doesn’t work!  —  Back in the 60’s I was travelling in Belgium.  It was good that I had a French speaker with me.  I could handle German which many Flemish speakers could handle & English which many in Belgium spoke.  However, the road signs in Flemish & Walloon were all painted out.  —  The situation in Belgium is even worse.  —  Bi- or trilingual nations sound good and give one a nice warm fuzzy feeling, but they just don’t work.  —  Anglophone’s and Francophone’s for the most part don’t speak the others language in Canada.  Two official languages means two differnt countries.  Er, Quebec still has hopes of separating from the rest of nasty English speaking Canada.  —  Switzerland?  have you been there?  I have.  Each area speaks their own language and little if any of any other language, except maybe English.  —  I’m all for English as the official language of the US.  Speak, read, watch or listen to what you like at home or with friends.  If you have to deal with the rest of the country, try English.  —  I answer AMERICAN who speak to me in another language in my bastard German.  Actually, if one learns their own language well, they will vstly improve their English at the same time.  —  Noone cut me any slack when I moved to Germany.  Either Ilearned German or I was completely cut off.  This also made eating difficult.  🙂  Hab Dich ein shones Tag!


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