Why the Japanese should be thankful we dropped The Bomb

I note that BG Tibbets died today.  Once again, we will see ignorant folk decrying the dropping of The Bomb.  —  I say “ignorant” because they are more or less unaware of WWII, its leadup and it actuality.  —  IMHO if we hadn’t ropped The Bomb, then probably 25 million Japs, as we called them then, would have been killed.  It is not beyond any stretch of imagination that most of the Japanese then living in Japan might have been killed.  When little kids, little old ladies & men try and blow you up, you tend to shot to kill anything that is Japanese.  —  Sure, a lot of people died.  Probably a  million Americans and many allies would have died in invading Japan in 45 & 46.  The surviving solders would not have been in a very tolerant mood as they moved thru Japan to occupy it.  —  Please remember the “kindly” Japs were responsible for 300,000 murdered civilians in Nanking.   Look at how the kindly Japs treated Americans on the Batan Death March.  Oh yes, can you say “Comfort Women?  —  No, Sweetheart.  Dropping The Bomb on the Japs was the best thing that could have happened to them back then.   I’m glad Truman had the balls to do it.


12 Responses to “Why the Japanese should be thankful we dropped The Bomb”

  1. jonolan Says:

    I think you also need to study the situation Japan was in just prior to our nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Soviet Russia was poised to launch a massive invasion of Hokkaido and from there move south through japan. The US was poised to invade from the outer and southern Islands. Japan just prior to their surrender was poised to be sandwiched between two aggressors – agressors who weren’t fond of each other.

    Part of the reason japan surrendered was to avoid be first conquered by two powers and second ground under those two armies as they went to war with each other.

  2. The Wombat Says:

    G’day! — Yes, the Japanes were between a rock and a hard place. — I always had the impression that the USSSR was going to wait until the US & allies had bloodied themsleves before actually declaring war on Japan and invading. They did NOT do so until two days after the US had bombed the Japanese. — Japan was preparing to resist any and all invaders to the death. Think “Muslim Fundamentalists” on steroids. They were training their citizens old and young to “die for the Emperor.” They did in fact have many more kamikaze planes than the Allies had thought. — The Japanese military tried to stop the Emperor from ending the war. They weren’t convinced the A-bomb was anything more than just a “big” bomb. — War ain’t pretty. War is also what happens when the civilians, the US’ case, screw up and need the men and woment in Military Service to try and fix the screw up. Doing what needs to be done, quickly and well, is often the only wat to minimize casualties on all sides. — I said it earlier and I’ll saya it again. Dropping the bomb on the Japanese saved tens of milions of lives including many, many Japanese.

  3. Bigfoot Says:

    Jonolan raises an interesting point. If Truman had not dropped The Bomb, and both the US and USSR had invaded Japan, that country could have ended up like Germany – divided into two halves. Imagine, if you can, the implications for the Cold War and the Korean War, of there being two Japans, one of them being communist.

    Some other things to note about Japanese culture and history. As far as I know, WW2 was the only war that Japan has ever lost. The Japanese culture also regarded losing a fight and surviving as the ultimate disgrace, which is why so many would have “died for the emperor”. As a result of these, telling his country to surrender must have been a very difficult thing for the emperor to do.

  4. The Wombat Says:

    G’day, – Actually, I’m not too sure the USSR would have invaded the mainland. As I noted above, I feel the Soviets would have let us bleed ourselves dry invading. And bleed we would have. Besides invading China or Mongolia, they might have taken a few islands and watched US soldiers die. — Not sure a divided Japan would have been all that bad. — I read an alternate history story where we prevented Chang Ki Shek from attacking the Cmmunists ending up with a divided China. — The writer postulated this may have resulted in a similar situation to what happened in Germany. — Yes, the Military tried to stop the Emperor from surrendering as I understand it. — I didn’t hear the outcome, but Tojo’s granddaughter recently ran for the Diet. She thought, her grandfather was a real nice guy & Japanese hero.

  5. blackjaket Says:

    I think that you are a jerk, and what you say is wrong. NO matter what 2 wrongs never make a right. And we just made it worse for them. Yes our people died, our fothers brothers and friends. But the same goes to them jack ass so get use to it. And try to find a heart in you.

  6. The Wombat Says:

    Dear Blackjaket,

    War is not a nice thing. The quicker it is ended, the better, assuming “we” are the winners. — I stand by my comments that I have more “heart” wanting only a couple hundred thousand to die, then many millions. — If the US had not used the Atomic Bomb, then not only would have millions of Japanese died, but probably well over a million Americans, belike your progenitor. — War is often the product of civilian [and religious] greed and desires. I spent, as a civilian, 22+ years working with the military. No warmongers there. They all knew, as we are seeing today, that they would have to fight & die for some stupid idea & screwup caused by a civilian. — I have moved toward the isolationist side of things. Personally, I thought our involvement in both Iraqi wars was the height of stupidity. Who gives a damn, who owns the oil? To make money they have to sell it to us. If they don’t want to sell it to the US, then do what Franco did in ’37 – get the Germans to buy it for us & ship it directly on to us. — I’m an Olde Pharte. What are YOU doing to prevent war and injustice?

  7. Really?? Says:

    Japs?? really??? come on…

  8. The Wombat Says:

    In 1945 the people inhabiting the Islands with whom we were at war were “Japs.” In 2008 the people are Japanese. I noted this qualification in my original comments. — I have no idea how old you are. I was quite young at the time, but remember newspapers, war posters, etc., focused on “Beating the Japs!” — Yes, it is a slur. But then so are “Huns,” “Bosch,” etc. And I don’t use it now.

  9. Really?? Says:

    I understand the first time it is used because you say “as we called them then” but then after that it just seems condescending “No, Sweetheart. Dropping The Bomb on the Japs was the best thing that could have happened to them back then.”
    I am Japanese and I know you are not calling me that but just using the word adds to the fuel that it is ok to speak like that about any different race. It is like all the stuff going on in the media and that also goes back to freedom of speech and blah blah blah….
    and also what the Japanese did to the Chinese and prisoners and a lot of other countries were very VERY BAD! but as you have said “War is not a nice thing”.Its one thing to go after people who are fighting in the war compared to citizens, but sometimes now it seems to not matter and all the money that was put into making the bomb they felt they almost had to use it otherwise it is not worth the money but is money a good decided factor when it comes to death, and showing what the United States can do to the Soviet Union is not a good reason to bomb an area with more citizens (5 to 1) I know people talk about how “all” the Japanese were trained to fight but I don’t know about that, I don’t think you can say that about any county it is to generalized.
    and the estimates of millions are now thought to be wrong (I would site it I just can’t find it)… and they had another way to bring down Japan instead of invading (ship blockade) anyway I’m rambling haha

  10. Lemi Says:

    Perhaps saying its a good thing with all the colourful examples is a bit harsh, but it did actually have some benefits. Following World War two the United States essentially rebuilt Japan.

    Had we not dropped the bomb, we would of invaded the mainland, which would of been a bloody horrifying battle, and the lot of us younger people (including myself) probably wouldn’t be here as our grandfathers would be dead on Japanese soil.

    Thirdly, it shaped the world, and it shaped the face of warfare forever. No one ever wants to see that level of destruction ever again (no one sane of course.) War isn’t nice, and it’s best we learn from our past, rather then repeat it.

    I also agree that Japan did some horrible things and the Atom bomb wasn’t exactly the nicest thing we could of done either. But that’s the idea of past, we’re supposed to put it behind us, and not repeat the horrible things. I’m sure most Japanese citizens aren’t out looking to rape the Chinese, and most American citizens aren’t out looking to drop the bomb on anyone else.

  11. little man Says:

    i am doin a reserch project on this mater and wanted to no more about the bombings. i have read all of the above and think that there is alot of info. wombat you are great u gave alot of info and where a great source i think that your points where great n correct in every way. but my question is should we have droped the second bomb on the japs or not and why so if you could help me i would like that.

  12. smith Says:


    their atrocies cannot be erased.

    their actions are utterly inhumane.

    they have no right to justify their barbaric actions.


    in any war, there is a winner and a loser. But torturing and dehumanizing other POWs and chinese people are utterly unacceptable.

    Just because you are not a victim or a national of the affected nation, it does not give you the right to help defend such a cruel nation.

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