The Bogusity of “Pre-Med.”

            I was just chatting with a 1st year med student.  She reminded me of the bogusity of “Pre-Med.”    If you want to go to med school, you have to take “pre-med” right?  WRONG!

There is no such thing as “pre-med.”    If one takes the effort to check out a medical school catalog, they will find that in order to enter said med school, they will have to take, in addition to that 3.75 GPA & a high score on their MCATs, 1 year of English Composition, 2 years of Chemistry [General Chem & Organic], one year of Physics, 1 year of Biology and Math thru 1st semester of Calculus.  That is it.  They can get their baccalaureate in any department in the undergraduate catalog.  I highly recommend “Underwater Basket Weaving” or “Lunar Technology” myself.    In order not to get screwed over by colleges the student needs to take some responsibility on themselves and read the bloody catalogs.  Find out exactly what is required.  Don’t rely on someone else.  This means taking my suggestions and checking them out to see if I have it correct.


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