Smoke, Another Car Hassle & a New Car!

            Saturday, 15 September.  I went out this morning to get some photos of the smoke blowing in from a fire.  It turned out that there is a wildfire in the San Bernardino Mountains.  It was the most impressive cloud of smoke streaming in from a couple hundred of miles away.  As I drove out west of Vegas, I realized the cruise control wasn’t working.  Sigh!  Back to Saturn.    About 7 hours later the cruise control was working, it was easily and cheaply [free, under warranty] fixed.  and I had traded it & the rest of the car in for an 07 Saturn Red Line.  Carpe Diem and all that.  🙂    The car is basically the same as the one I had.  I was going to look for one when I returned.  No need to look any more.  I’ll break in the new car on the way to LA.  I got a bunch of frequent flyer miles as I purchased the car on my credit card.  🙂    Yes, this trip has been a little bit unusual.  🙂     I was a little bit dazed by how quickly all this happened.  And the hardest part of all this will be packing my old car and packing the new one.


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