Burros, Check Engine Light & a Detour to Vegas

            Wednesday, 12 September.  A out early for me to drive through Kingman to the current alignment of 66.  And as the road curved south I took pictures of the older road across the railroad tracks.   to drive out of Kingman and then across the Sacramento Wash and was a very nice drive were I could enjoy the scene range and watch the Black Mountains approach.    my first stop was Cool Springs.  Though they were closed, officially, there were people working to set up the store and invited me in.  We had a nice chat and I took some pictures of the interior of the building.  Needless to say I took photos of the exterior surroundings as well.    Then up the road to Sitgreaves Pass.  Along the way I took some pictures of Ed’s Camp and the lovely scenery.  Near milepost 30 I tried to find Schaffer’s Fish Bowl Springs with no luck.  However at this point today took a downward spin when my check engine light came on.    I continued on to Oatman where I arrived in time to watch the nasty guys rob the store and get shot up.  Truth and justice will prevail.  I wandered the town and watch people feed to wild burros.  Along the way I noticed that the Goldenroad mine no longer offer tours.    At this point I called it a day, even though it was about 1 o’clock and headed for Las Vegas.  That was the closest Saturn dealership to me.  By five o’clock I was on the road to my friend’s house in Vegas.    I was going to come for a visit after I had reached California, but as I was now here I would kick back and enjoy your visit with my friend and come back from San Diego.  The thick plottens, but that is for a couple days later.    As with most of the days on this tour the weather was beautiful in a little warm.  Temps in the low to mid 100s are little warm for me.


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