Lazing in the Sedona Area

            Monday, 10 September.   today I took a side trip to visit a good friend and outstanding artist Alan Gutiérrez and his family who lived just south of Sedona.  Once I escaped from Phoenix traffic it was a delightful drive through increasingly beautiful scenery.  It wasn’t until I reached just outside of Sedona that construction slowed traffic down to a crawl.  Thanks to my GPS system I was able to find Allen’s home with no problem.    after settling in my stuff Allen took me and the rest of the family on a four-wheel-drive up Schnebly Hill Road. This drive is not for the faint of heart nor a low-slung 2 Wheel Drive car.  However the drive was more than worth it by the time we got the top portion of the drive, the road, as one could see into tomorrow while standing amongst some extremely gorgeous scenery.    the reward for this was lots of good pizza and conversation when we got back as well as their allowing me to show them the documentary film on Arthur Upfield, he did play on their DVD player though only in black and white.  It is a region 4, Australia, DVD.  My film Ringers, a documentary on the Lord of the rings fans, in which I get mentioned in the credits, played it just fine.  More conversation followed and eventually some sleep was allowed.  —  as the two girls from Indiana noted the drive-through was Sedona area is well worth a detour for any roadie driving through the area.


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