Conning at Coppercon

            Friday, 7 – 9 September.   I had never attended a Coppercon previously, though I knew a goodly number of the people who were working on the convention.  I did meet a couple, originally from Chicago, who now lived in Phoenix and in addition to being SF fans were route66 roadie having driven the road many, many times.  I also met a young lady who it gone to several callbacks for the who wants to be a superhero TV show.  Not only was she more than good-looking enough to be a superhero but she appreciated my back runs.   I had a number of panels and workshops to put on some even had attendees.  As seems the case most of the time the tech oriented people at the convention could not figure out how to connect my laptop to a projector so I can show my slides of my trip to Middle-earth.  I had an enjoyable time helping out with the charity auction and also being a judge at the masquerade.  There were enough parties to keep one up very late and leave one with little time for sleep.  All in all it was a most excellent convention and I’m glad I made time to detour to the convention.


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