Tootling Thru Tucumcari!

             Tuesday, 28 August.    Good dinner & breakfast at the restaurant adjacent to the Pow Wow.    I picked up route66 on the east side of Tucumcari and took it to where it split.  I continued on the dirt, pre-19 50s, Route 66.  It was a lovely drive seeing almost no one. I took some photos of the deserted motel at Glenrio at the border and chatted with two travelers down Route 66 who were from Chicago.    I then headed down the paved portion of 66 back to Tucumcari.    I picked up 66 in Tucumcari & drove it to Santa Rosa.  I, of course, took the routing rather than the interstate from Cuervo to Santa Rosa.  The Cuervo cut off is not only impassable but almost impossible to find.  I think I found the west end of it.    More computer problems! The universal power cord is not so universal & wasn’t supplying power to the computer.    However, I was treated to a glorious sunset to the west & a towering thunderhead to the east.    I stopped at a restaurant for dessert & met 2 Spaniards driving 66.  We had a lovely conversation. 


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