Let’s Party In Albuquerque

            Saturday and Sunday, 25 and 26 August  The convention was quite nice to have a small art show, but a nice one, a small dealers room where I was able to find one book to buy, and lots of new people to meet.  I had one panel on encouraging new fans.  All of us on the panel had been in fandom for many years.  I ended up chatting with people after the panel and for God to my chagrin that I had the panel right after the first one.  I don’t usually miss my panels.  That evening I was one of the judges at the small but very nice masquerade.  This was, of course, followed by parties.  I staggered up out of too little sleep for Sunday’s events.  I had a panel and auctioned at a fund-raising auction for individuals and the con.  Again, we did well.  I had a hard time keeping a straight face and was laughing very hard when I auctioned a light switch cover of a hunky male with a part of him missing which would be filled by the light switch.  The audience was also cracking up.  At the closing ceremonies I was presented with a book entitled “How to Catch a wombat.”  After the auction I had a nice chat with Vernor Vinge.  He was the literary guest of honor.  I had known him for sometime through conventions.  After a dinner where they overcooked steak, if I hadn’t been so hungry and tired I would have sent it back, I joined the dead dog party for about an hour or so.  I then went upstairs and crashed taking some Ambien to help me through the night.  This was a delightful convention,and I wish it wasn’t so far away or I would come back to it.  I’m glad my trip down route66 brought me here.


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