Cars, Computers & Fans!

            Friday, 24 August.  Up at 0600 in order to take my car and to Saturn.  I spent six hours there before they turn my car loose.  Unfortunately, my power cable did not work and I could not make use of their wireless system.  I did not wish to use up all my battery in the laptop.  I slowly and read a book.  They did most of what I wanted, however, only the rear power outlet was now working.  I would need to order the part.    En route to the convention hotel I stopped at CompUSA to get some goodies for my computer: a power cable and 2G of RAM.    I finally got to the hotel and settled in.  Then I went in search of food as I was starving.    Somewhat filled by headed over to my first panel.  A slide show on my trip to Middle-earth.  Once again the gods of technology and they could not get the set up working.  Later that night I was one of the auctioneers at the charity auction, which raised a fair amount of money.    I then went to a bunch of parties.


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