Lightening over Vega

            Wednesday, 22, August.    I headed back to Groom to pick up the trek in.    the day was sunny and promised to be quite warm, although the morning itself was cool and a delight.   I stopped first to get a photo of the Bug Ranch at exit 96.   The middle of the day was spent driving around somewhat in circles or maybe a figure 8.  In this way, I managed to drive the various alignments of 66, through Amarillo.    I also did the dirt road segment.  It was an easy drive and very quiet.  There was not car on the road.    I then headed West with a slight detour to view from afar The Cadillac Ranch.  I was too tired and hungry at the time to wander all way down and get close-up shots.    My next stop was Vega.  I arrived too late to really do any touring of the 66 related places there, but did drive through the town such as it is.    Later that evening, we were treated to a fine Panhandle thunderstorm, complete with lightning and thunder.  It was most impressive.


One Response to “Lightening over Vega”

  1. Sue Says:

    I personally love lightning but again that’s me. I wanted you to know that it’s brutally hot today in the 90s. Scorching.

    I saw a movie called “The World’s Fastest Indian.” I think you’d love it. It’s about the adventures of a world famous New Zealander–no, not Peter Jackson. I’m not saying anymore because I’ll give it away.

    Speaking of Peter Jackson, one of the network stations is trying to run “Two Towers.” It’s so broken up with commercials that they’ve added an additional hour to the playing time. Boo-hiss, network television.

    Ta ta for now.


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