Barbedwire, Steak, Dirt & Mud = A good day!

            Tuesday, 21 August.    I started the day with some photos of the U Drop Inn, the Magnolia gas station and the Corner Drugstore.    Then down the old road to McLean.  First was the Devil’s Rope Museum with a small section on Route 66.  I never knew there could be so many different kinds of barbed wire.  A photo of the Cactus Motor Inn and then lunch at the Red River Steakhouse.    I superslabbed it to the west end of the dirt section by Alanreed, stopping for a photo of the neat “super service gas station.  The  drive back down the dirt road to McLean was a step into ancient history & was a neat.  I then took the paved section back to Alanreed and continued down 66 to Boydston Rd. where I turned down to do the Jericho Gap stretch of dirt road.  This, too, was a fun drive.  It was dry except for one little bit of mud.  I didn’t quite avoid it and covered the front & right side of my car in mud.  – I made it almost to Conway before deciding to call it a day.    It was another warm day, but it seemed a little bit drier.  However, hot is hot.    In between cities there is a lot of open land & big sky. The small towns seem to zip by before you know it even if one is only doing 42 mph.   Some of the grass reminds me, like the landscape does, of some of the cattle country in Oz.  However, I don’t think, spinifex grows in the US.


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