Looking for a 4-leaf clover in Shamrock!

            Monday, 20 August.  My first stop was in Burns Flats and Spaceport Oklahoma.  A friend works as an ATC at the airport.  I hope they have great success.    Then down 66 to Canute.  It has some old remnants of when the town had more glory.    I then visited the National Route 66 Museum in Elk City.  It is a nice museum, but the museum in Clinton is nicer in my opinion.    I crossed the Timber Creek Bridge to reach Sayre, were I took some photos of neat old buildings.    As I drove down 66 North of Hext, I noticed some ghost 66.  It ran parallel to the current road and was overgrown with some grass and brush.  At one point, I was able to access the road and drove along it for several miles before it joined the newer version of the road when it became a four-lane divided highway.  It was a fun ride.    In Erick I took some photos at the corner of Roger Miller and Sheb Wolley.    By now, the red soil of Oklahoma had become tan in color.  However, it was just as hot and humid as when the soil was red.    I took a photo of the historic jail in Texola, which had some posters on the back wall showing people who had been hung.     At the border with Texas I found the marker denoting the renaming of the road as the Will Rogers highway.  The landscape around here is becoming petty empty.    I had a pretty straight shot on old Portland cement road into Shamrock.  It have been a pretty good day covered many a mile and I now needed some food and sleep.


2 Responses to “Looking for a 4-leaf clover in Shamrock!”

  1. Hazel M Walker Says:

    Hey Wombat….looks like you are moving forward again. We had a flat tire in Tulsa also. You can read about it on our blog. Just go to the website listed and click on my car.

    We are in San Bernadino today and will come to the end tomorow. We plan on hanging out here in California for a few days.

    Just a thought we would highly recommed the Sedona detour.

    Stay in touch, leave a comment on our blog, we are going to list your in ours.


  2. The Wombat Says:

    Hi keeds, you seem to have made it all the way. I hope, the trip is as good as you expected or hoped. You sure seemed to be having fun. 🙂 — As I have to drop down from 66 to Phoenix, I shall keep in mind going via Sedona. It looks nice.

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