Rain, gravel roads & lasagna! Oh yummy!

            Sunday, 19 August.  I woke up to the news that the area I drove through yesterday, was now underwater.  El. Reno received about six or 7 inches of rain.  The dirt roads, I took, must be muddy rivers today.  It was cloudy, with breaks, in Clinton and muggy.  I drove back to exit 84 and picked up my journey there.  Weatherford had been to alignments.  Back in 1930, they must’ve been very narrow two-lane roads, instead of the broad avenues they are now.  I stopped by the Stafford Museum, but it was closed until one o’clock.  Unfortunately, the jet fighter on display at the museum was not labeled And I couldn’t get inside to ask what it was. Bummer!    I enjoy driving on the old Portland cement 66.  The pocketa, pocketa as you go over the breaks in the pavement are very lulling. Along the road you can occasionally see dirt washed across the road from the rains last night.    Next was driving the several alignments in Clinton.  As the route 66 museum didn’t open until one I took the time to go to the Italian Villa for a lovely lunch.  At the museum I met some bikers from a number of countries.  The museum was almost too busy.  I spoke with Cindy, who is the assistant curator of the museum and learned that the sign we had donated back in June had not been put out in the exhibit.  They had just not had the time to put up to the sign, as well as several other exhibits which were waiting for a quieter period in say, November.  Darn!    I now headed out of Clinton, on a delightful stretch of original Portland cement.  I cruised along at 42 miles an hour on an empty stretch of highway.  It was so nice.    When I got to Foss, I eagerly passed up a fun drive.  I took the old postal route, which is US66 from 1926 to 1931, through fields on lovely gravel roads.  I then took State Route 44 through Foss, picking up the postal road on the south of Foss and continued on it until it finally hit pavement again, and exit 50.  Except for one spot, which had a little water, a dip in the road, the gravel road was very easy to drive on and reminded me of a couple gravel roads.  I had driven in Australian.    I went on a little further and touched on the alignments through Canute.   At this point I called it a day and headed back.  A short while back, both power points in my car went dead, and I drove on, without need of my GPS system.    To top off the day.  I went to the home of Jane and Dean Phares for an excellent lasagna dinner and marvelous conversation.    Tomorrow, I end up just across the border in Texas!


2 Responses to “Rain, gravel roads & lasagna! Oh yummy!”

  1. Dean Phares Says:


    Just a quick comment, the fighter on display by the road going into the Stafford museum is an F-104 Starfighter.


  2. The Wombat Says:

    Hi Dean,

    Thanx for the clarification. I thought, it might be a Starfighter, but wasn’t sure.

    I’m in Vega, TX, today. I’ll be seeing some of The Road tomorrow before I make a mad dash for Albuquerque.

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