Braking for Oklahoma City.

          Thursday, 16 August.  Another is hot and humid day in Oklahoma, the temperature is supposed to go into the low 100’s. Yuck!    My first stop was the rock Café for breakfast and a good one it.  While there a group of about 8 Italian’s came in for coffee and to take pictures.  Oh goody, I could use my 7 sentences of Italian again.    Now down the road towards Oklahoma City.  My first stop was take a photo of Seaba Station.  Unfortunately, it was closed.    In Wellston, I tracked down the concrete totem pole.  As it seemed to be nothing more than a series of skulls impaled on a steel rod, I called it the skull pole.    in Luther I got some photos of the abandoned stretch of 66, on both sides of the river, and the old bridge abutment’s.  On the near side.  The abutment had been painted over for an advertisement.    Just before Arcadia I took so old alignment, which was ever so neat.  There are few homes on the road, but mainly you drive down a tree lined street.    as I have been warned.  I made sure my speed was below 45 miles an hour as I drove into Arcadia.  I parked behind the round barn and spent an enjoyable few minutes, taking photos and wandering through the gift shop.  I also climbed up into the second-floor, which gives strange sounding tones to your voice when you’re standing in the center of the room.  From there, I drove down 66, to Pop’s.  For once, the hype was worth it.  Both the building and the pop bottle were really neat.  My hamburger was quite good, and reasonably priced.    After filling me and my car.  I took a leisurely drive into Oklahoma City.  The drive down Lincoln Boulevard, towards the Capitol building was very pretty and well laid out.    I found my Super 8 in Moore without any problem.  However, their wireless connection is almost useless.  I don’t recommend this place, if wireless is important.    up way too early to take my car in tomorrow.  I’m hoping I won’t have to kill the entire day at the dealership.


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