Tiptoeing into Tulsa!

Sunday, 12 August. I headed down The Road & looked for the store in Narcissa, but I couldn’t find it. Being Sunday morning traffic was light, & I could tool down the road at 42 mph, only pulling over once in a while. The southern portion of the “ribbon road” was as neat as the northern end. What a trip to drive on it. I chugged into Afton and found “The Station.” Not only was Laurel Kane there, but so was Ron McCoy & Ron Jones in all his multicolored splendor. We nattered away for over an hour. While there a family from Norway dropped in. I loved the old Packards on display there. One was a V-12! The visit was delightful. More creeping down the road until Vinita where I enjoyed a very nice lunch at Clantons. The temp was in the low 100’s! Laurel gave me my driving orders, & I obeyed. I dropped by the Chelsea Motor Inn where I met Frank & Trudy Jugler & their per[?] bison. We sat in the shade & chatted. A loverly visit. I did the alignments in Foyil, finding the Bunion Derby Marker, but missed the Andy Payne Statue. Oh well, one can’t see everything. Found the answer to the next couple Scavenger Hunt questions. It was getting late, & I was getting tired so I just followed the main routing from there on to Tulsa. I shall return tomorrow or Tuesday. — Up at 0630 to get the car in EARLY! I’m hoping , it will be done by a reasonable hour.


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