A Cafe, Home Runs & a 9-foot Wide Highway, Oh my!

            Saturday, 11, August.  Out into the heat.  It eventually hit 100 around here.    I returned to the Galena area for some photos I missed yesterday & the museum which is fascinating & very good.  The curator built some wooden models of mines & the like.    While there I met a friend, Keith Stokes, from SF fandom.  In one of his other lives he runs: www.KansasTravel.org .  He was looking for material on 66 to add to his web site.    I had another cream soda in the cool of the “Four Women on the Route’s” restoration project.  Melba was slaving away again today, but now in the cool.  The AC was working!  When I arrived, she was serving a family from the Netherlands.    Heading down to Baxter Springs I drove Rainbow Bridge again.  It is so pretty.  I still want to glitter it up. 🙂    A fine lunch was had at the “Cafe on the Route.” — This time I stopped in Commerce to take a photo of Mickey Mantle’s childhood home.    Got some photos of the Coleman Theatre.  It is a magnificent building.    I finished the day with a swing down to Narcissa and back over the 1-lane, 9 foot wide strip of 66.  Reminds me of a road I drove in Oz, but the shoulders were much wider.    Ku Ku Burger for dinner!    Tomorrow is a visit to Afton Station & then a dash for Tulsa.  I can always hope, the delay in Tulsa will not be too long so I can get back to driving The Road.


One Response to “A Cafe, Home Runs & a 9-foot Wide Highway, Oh my!”

  1. Keith Stokes Says:

    It was a pleasant surprise running into you in Galena. You are now a part of KansasTravel.org: http://kansastravel.org/galenaminingmuseum.htm

    I finally saw the movie Cars today and was pleased to discover that another part of southeast Kansas made it into the movie, and a short film added to the DVD – the ghostlights.

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