Rolling on to Rolla!

            Wednesday, 25 July.  I was going to relax and catch up on everything.  Wrong.  I joined my host on a trek out to here 2nd home.  It was a nice drive & the home is quite nice.    On the way back we stopped at the Adam Puchta winery in Hermann, MO.  I tried some very nice whites.  – A nice dinner with my hosts wrapped up a quiet day.    Oh yes, I should mention something about the madness I set loose last year.  Melissa, who is 13, is already a Journeyman Costumer.  After she won an award at last year’s Worldcon, I asked her what she was gong to do next.  She didn’t know.  I casually mentioned, more as a joke, a rather demented idea I had for a costume.  Once her eyes lit up, all was lost!  I sent her 2, single spaced pages of description and ideas for the costume.  She has gone even a little bit more gonzo than I had described.  Oh, the costume is a cross between a 50’s movie & 90’s physics.  She is going as the Universe’s Greatest Quantum Mechanic!  Between the two of us, she is going to “PUN”ish the audience terribly.  🙂  I can’t wait to see the finished product.  The parts are marvelous.
           Thursday, 26 July.  I’m off!  Well, y’all knew that.  After taking the morning to sort out things I headed down Rt. 100.  I stopped off at the Rt. 66 SP to actually drive the portion of 66 there.  Going across the bridge I noticed the tar, not bitumen, was soft & squishy in the heat.  Brought back memories of my childhood.  Anyone out there “eat” fresh hot tar as a kid?  Out alleys in Chicago were tarred.  Black teeth?  Mothers’ Despair!    I took a few photos from Gray Summit.  A nice view of the countryside.    Having started late I decided to stop off in St. Clair.  I had heard that “Budget Lodging” was a good deal.  I had heard correctly.   It was nice.    However, as I approached St. Clair I had the unfortunate experience of stopping at “INDIAN HARVEST” trading post.  The place is run by a rabid squaw.  I can not recommend stopping here.  At Devil’s Elbow I ran into a couple of Frenchman, accompanied by the 6-year old daughter of one of them.  [She is so cute.]  We chatted, & I asked if they had had a good experience in the States.  They said, yes, except for “Indian Harvest” trading post.  So it wasn’t just me.    For dinner I dropped by the Lewis Café.  Very nice.
            Friday, 27 July.  I headed out under cloudy skies.  My first stop was Meramec Caverns.  It was cool, literally & figuratively.  Good thing I had my pullover handy.  I had to sample the fudge & ice cream being sold.  Yummy.    The drive to & thru places like Sullivan, Bourbon & Cuba.  Rolling thru the countryside is totally neat.    I dropped by the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, took photos & chatted with the owner’s son.  I also took lots of photos of the murals in Cuba.    I decided to overnight in Rolla at Zeno’s.  The motel is very nice, tho the advertised wifi didn’t work. 😦  The steak there was quite good.


One Response to “Rolling on to Rolla!”

  1. Ace's driver Says:

    I had the same problem with Zeno’s wi-fi and noted in my blog that it only works in the front building. I had to sit on the couch near the front desk to get some work done.

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